About MarTREC


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Maritime and related multimodal transportation research is critical to the future of our transportation system and should be a national priority. Given the link between gross domestic product and international trade, which is expected to double over the next 30 years, efficient and resilient ports are critical to the nation’s overall economy and the ability of intermodal carriers to move freight between ports of entry and inland locations.  Proximity to navigable waterways makes this consortium uniquely situated to address our theme.

The MarTREC consortium consists of renowned maritime transportation researchers dedicated to transferrable research and inclusive education and workforce development.  Our consortium consists of the University of Arkansas (UARK), Jackson State University (JSU), Louisiana State University (LSU), Texas A&M University/Texas Transportation Institute (TAMU/TTI), University of New Orleans (UNO), and Vanderbilt University (VU). Each consortium member is strategically located to support MarTREC’s theme. UARK, JSU, LSU, and UNO are located along the Mississippi River; VU along the Cumberland River; and JSU, LSU, UNO, and TAMU/TTI along the Gulf Coast.