MarTREC’s theme is building economic competitiveness through efficient, resilient, and sustainable maritime and multimodal transportation systems. Our vision is to be recognized as the Nation’s premier source for expertise on maritime and multimodal transportation research and education. The MarTREC consortium consists of renowned maritime transportation researchers dedicated to transferrable research and inclusive education and workforce development.


Heather Nachtmann

Nachtmann Named One of U of A's Top 15 Researchers

The University of Arkansas recently honored its “Top 15 in 2015” class of research award recipients in a ceremony Tuesday in Sturgis Hall at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House.


Transportation Students Tackle Research Opportunities

Students, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are a vital part of the university's research mission.

Transportation Research at U of A Looks at Roads, Rail and Waterways

Transportation touches every aspect of our lives...

MarTREC’s 2015 Outstanding Student of the Year, Peter Webb

The 24th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony took place as part of the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) annual banquet.